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The Truth About Baby Weight

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Author and Baby Mama customer, Holly Doss, has offered a digital copy of her book as a bonus for bundle orders.

The Truth About Baby Weight is the result of Holly's fierce determination to get her body back after a long, frustrating Postpartum weight loss journey. It contains thousands of hours of research into the Postpartum body as it pertains to weight loss and reveals the crucial components that must be addressed in order for a woman’s body to return to its original state (or better).

• Why Baby Mama vitamins are so important to your postnatal success
• The most common Postpartum food intolerances
• The jaw dropping vitamins & minerals that treat Postpartum water retention
• Which unsuspecting foods, drinks and ingredients melt baby weight
• The undying lies about baby weight & the facts that set them straight
• Which exercise is proven to burn Postpartum fat over all the rest
• The cleanse Hollywood Moms (secretly) use for Postpartum constipation

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