Baby Mama FAQs

General Questions

Are Baby Mama Vitamins safe?


We are FDA Registered and GMP Certified - the two certifications required for Dietary Supplements.

The FDA regulates Dietary Supplements such as ours by allowing or not allowing certain ingredients to be used along with inspecting facilities and approving facilities that produce Dietary Supplements. *Please note that there is no such thing as an FDA Approved Dietary Supplement. They only approve Food and Drugs.  

Additionally, each of our products has the required disclaimer for every single Dietary Supplement, which is that the FDA does not approve or deny any claims of results. If any Dietary Supplement does not have this required disclaimer, then it does not meet FDA regulations.

*Please note that the disclaimer statement has nothing to do with inspections or product checks in regards to the products themselves.

What is the science behind Baby Mama?

For years, the beauty industry has struggled with providing millions of women who have had a baby with the answers they desperately seek. They've searched high and low for a way that women can get back to looking and feeling like themselves again, but they've continued to ignore the basic science of Post-Pregnancy(s) body chemistry and all other hormonal conditions that cause discomfort.

While day after day, you are getting more depressed that your body and hair will 'never quite look or feel the same', the beauty industry can only offer the following advice: eat right, exercise, wear Spanx, take Biotin and on and on and on.

There's no denying that this advice works to a degree. But Women who are working hard to lose weight , yet still struggling with the last few stubborn pounds, and the women cleaning up clumps of hair out of their showers each day, want more than sound advice. You want answers. And you want RESULTS!

That is why Baby Mama came to be.

Baby Mama is a scientific brand that treats Post-Pregnancy body chemistry, as well as many other conditions that cause unwanted symptoms. Baby Mama vitamins provide the exact ratio of vitamins & minerals you must have to fully restore your body and hair to its original state.

What if I haven't been pregnant in years or not at all?

Most women's bodies do not restore on their own after pregnancy, miscarriage and other conditions that caused hormonal disruption. The frustrating part is, that women can have symptoms for years, yet they are doing everything 'right'.

Our advice is to restore your body, regardless of when you were last pregnant or experienced hormone imbalance. By restoring what was lost, your hard work with diet and exercise will have a chance to pay off. If not, you may continue to struggle with the last few pounds and leftover bald patches for years to come and no one wants that!

What if I am still breastfeeding?

At Baby Mama, we completely understand your concerns regarding the postnatal symptoms you are experiencing and the helplessness you may be feeling if you are still breastfeeding. That is a very natural response and help is on its way!

We recommend you ask your Doctor! Everyone is different, so what may be okay for you, may not be okay for someone else. Simply scroll through the product images (on the supplement you would like to take) and show your physician the ingredients label.

**Do not start this or any other supplement program if your physician or health care provider advises against it.

Should I have my hormones tested?

Hormone tests will not show nutritional deficiencies, no matter what the cause. In fact, most women are shocked they don't have thyroid issues or a severe hormone imbalance after being tested, yet they are miserable with symptoms. For peace of mind, do what you have to do, but do not be surprised if they come back normal. That's where we come in :).

What is with all the water retention and why do my arms have cellulite now?

Certain nutrients are lost during pregnancy(s) or other hormone disrupting conditions can significantly impact how you look and feel afterwards. Mother Nature provided us with enough vitamins and minerals to restore balance, but unfortunately, this is hard to come by without high-quality supplementation and takes a really long if left to replenish on its own, if ever.

If left untreated, you can expect a whole host of body issues in the years to come. Just to name a few, Nutritional Deficiencies have been linked to:

Water Retention & Swelling
New or Increased Cellulite *Particularly on the arms and outer thighs.
Mood Swings & Insomnia
Inability To Lose The Last Few Pounds
Weight Gain In Various Areas of Your Body
Hair Loss, Brittle Nails & Skin Discoloration

Why am I sweating profusely?

If you have been tested for thyroid and hormonal imbalances, yet everything came back normal, then your body is most likely nutritionally deficient. The best gift you can give yourself is making Baby Mama vitamins a part of your daily life.

Why isn't my hard work with diet and exercise paying off?

As noted in the best selling DailyOM course, Reclaiming Your Pre-Baby Body, nutritional deficiencies can wreak havoc on every effort you are making post-pregnancy(s).

The same can be said for most conditions that disrupt hormonal balance. Diet and exercise alone just won't cut it.

Why Baby Mama vs. other brands?

Baby Mama is the only brand on the market that provides the exact ratio of vitamins & minerals your body must have to treat nutritional deficiencies after pregnancy(s).

Each ingredient, in its exact ratio, plays a critical role in providing you with exactly what you need to permanently restore your body chemistry and get rid of the uncomfortable, frustrating symptoms of nutritional deficiencies such as water retention, bloating, mood swings, hair loss and inability to lose weight.

In Baby Mama's products, the ingredients work together in their purest forms to replenish what was lost and to combat bothersome symptoms so that you can look and feel your best again. Best of all, it lays a new foundation for your body chemistry that will help maximize your efforts in every frustrating area of discomfort.

What are the ingredients?

Baby Mama products have different ingredients depending on the formula. We have images of the product labels on each product page and there, you will see ingredients listed.

What about for those that haven’t had babies?

Anyone can take Baby Mama Vitamins and reap the benefits!

Where else can I buy Baby Mama?

Currently, Baby Mama vitamins are sold here on our website only.

Is this an auto-ship program?

No. There is an option to subscribe, but you would have to choose that in order to be charged again without manually placing an order.

Can I take Baby Mama vitamins during pregnancy?

Please consult with your Physician regarding any Baby Mama product you are interested in taking.

Is there a number I can call to order?

No, not at this time. If you have any questions or concerns while shopping on our website, please click on this link to contact us.

Hair Questions

Can my teenage daughter use Hair Repair?

Yes. We have plenty of teenagers reaping the benefits of Hair Repair. We recommend that they also take Ultra Mega for maximum results.

Can I take Hair Repair & Ultra Mega at the same time?

Yes, you can take both vitamins together. However, we suggest spacing them out for maximum absorption.  For example, take Hair Repair after breakfast and Ultra Mega after lunch.

Will Hair Repair work for me if I've never been pregnant?

Hair Repair was created to supply nutrients lost after having been pregnant. However, some ingredients in Hair Repair will stimulate hair growth for anyone who is trying to speed up hair growth. *For fastest results, we suggest Hair Repair Max.

How long until I see results?

Everyone is different and has different levels of nutritional deficiencies. We do not guarantee results because of this, as it would be impossible to know each individual's history and level of deficiency.

We will tell you though, that some of customers have reported that they see results within a couple of weeks, others it takes longer for the body to replenish and may require several months of treatment. We just recommend sticking with it and not giving up!

Can men take these?

Anyone can take Baby Mama vitamins and will likely see results. However, we created this brand for Moms who have nutritional deficiencies post-pregnancy, so with that in mind, please feel free to try anyway!

Does Hair Repair help if I have Alopecia?

Alopecia is an auto-immune condition that cannot be cured, but can be treated with topical scalp medications prescribed by a Physician. We do recommend taking Hair Repair Max in conjunction with (not in place of) Alopecia treatment.

Does Hair Repair help hair regrow or just get longer?

Both. The ingredients work together to restore what was lost and strengthen what is there. Customers report thicker, fuller, longer hair with continued use.

I need this I'm 53 and my hair hasn't grown for 17 years been the same length. Will Hair Repair work for me?

Absolutely! Our customers have reported hair restoration after years of bald or balding patches.

Would Hair Repair help regrowth after chemotherapy?

Hair loss from chemotherapy and hair loss post-pregnancy are similar in that the body has been stripped of nutrients. We absolutely suggest taking Hair Repair and Ultra Mega for both conditions.

Will Hair Repair help me I have a thyroid problem and my hair has been falling out?

We take medical diagnosis' very seriously. We suggest talking with your Physician if you are currently being prescribed medication for thyroid conditions.

Do you have any before/after pictures so I can see other people's results?

That is a very good question!

We are a very new company, so we are asking every customer to please take before and after pictures for us, but most people do not take the before pictures when starting a new vitamin, so it has been somewhat difficult to come by.

In the meantime, please keep in mind that results greatly vary depending on how deficient a woman's body is. Every level of deficiency is different, so until replenished, results do not happen. Once the deficiencies have been taken care of, results happen fast. What one person's results are will be different than yours, so be kind to yourself and patient.