Hangover Combo Bundle

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Hangover Combo
Hangover Combo
Hangover Combo
Hangover Combo
Hangover Combo

Hangover Combo

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Aren't hangovers the worst?! Headache, nausea, vomiting, anxiety...all of it is just awful when you wake up with one. That's why we have created a combination of vitamins to have on hand before your next night out - the Hangover Combo.


1 Hangxiety
1 Chlorella Extreme
1 Mom Brain

1 Royal Flush


We recommend following this 3 step approach the morning after having too much alcohol:

Step 1: Upon rising, take Chlorella Extreme and Hangxiety
This will help settle your stomach immediately and ease the anxiety that hangovers often bring.

Step 2: 30 minutes later, eat, then take Mom Brain
Full of B vitamins, this step is crucial to replenishing nutrients lost and plays a key role in brain function as you recover.

Step 3: After second meal, take Royal Flush
Alcohol does a number on your liver, so cleansing it quickly will restore its function much sooner than it would if left alone.