How To Get Rid of Cellulite In 4 Easy Steps

One of the main questions we get asked during the summer months is, 'how can I get rid of cellulite or reduce its appearance?'.  That question is usually followed by a summary of everything said customer has tried and how overwhelming it is to sort through the treatments available.  Then, a host of other questions follow... What really works?  Is there something affordable that works?  Does exercise help? 

Well, we can tell you this much- you can get rid of cellulite or greatly reduce the appearance of it by following these 4 steps:


Probably not the answer you want to hear first, but if you want to reduce or get rid of cellulite, you have to workout.  The kind of workout makes a huge difference too, so don't leave just yet.

You've heard of HIIT workouts, but the ones that combine strength training with cardio, are the ones that will give you the fastest and best results.  The ones that we have seen the best results from are available on Beachbody.OnDemand.  

Our entire staff uses Beachbody.OnDemand programs and although everyone has their favorites, here is the one we recommend for reducing cellulite: LIIFT4

LIIFT4 offers the best strength training structure with HIIT components sprinkled throughout the program.  You will feel it and hate it for the first few weeks, but from personal experience, I can tell you that I saw results almost instantly.  Instant as in days... 


You've heard the whole spiel- combine exercise with a clean diet full of healthy fats to get rid of cellulite because trans fats increase cellulite.  What is not mentioned though, is when to eat. 

If you want to burn fat fast and greatly reduce cellulite's appearance, try Intermittent Fasting.  It is hugely popular right now and for very good reason.  Basically, during the non-feeding hours, your body burns fat at a maximum level. 

For example, my Intermittent Fasting plan of choice allows me to eat during an 8 our window each day.  My first meal starts at 6:00am and last meal is at 2pm.  I know, sounds crazy, but it works miracles for my body. I go to bed super early, so this fits my lifestyle best.  You can choose any 8 hours though.  Doesn't have to be the ones I choose.  

Key things to remember are to hydrate, don't look at the eating hours as an all you can eat buffet, keep sugar free gum on hand and continue to avoid trans fats.

The very best guide we've found for beginners is, 'The Complete Guide to Fasting', by Dr. Jason Fung.  We highly recommend this book before diving in.  You will have a much better understanding than my explanation, so get educated first!


Well, duh.  Supplements are our thing, so naturally, we are going to make sure you have the inside scoop on the ones that help with banishing cellulite.

First, you must understand that there are 2 components to using supplements for the purpose of banishing cellulite.  The first, is reducing overall fat.  The second is repairing the connective tissue.  

With that in mind, we recommend adding these 2 supplements to your daily routine:

1.  CLA Max

It is believed that excess fat can make cellulite appear aesthetically worse. The power of CLA Max to reduce body fat percentage is therefore accountable for the primary mechanism in cellulite reduction.

 2.  Collagen Max

Cellulite is essentially comprised of 'stuck' fat and excess toxins that push against connective tissue under the skin's surface.  This combination is what gives skin that dimpled appearance.  Collagen Max can help in the fight against cellulite by strengthening connective tissues of the skin, thus reducing the appearance of dimples.


By now, you've likely heard of The Fascia Blaster by Ashley Black.  If not, it is a tool that works to smooth out cellulite's dimply appearance, as poor circulation may contribute to cellulite formation.  Massaging cellulite does bring back circulation to the area and treats skin, as well as the fat layer beneath.  

Admittedly, we thought The Fascia Blaster was somewhat of a gimmick until we tried it.  It does help!  We tried the various sizes and the one that we all like the best here at Baby Mama, is the Ashley Black Fascia Blaster MiniSomething about the smaller makes us want to use it more often.  The bigger blaster has its uses (back cellulite and other harder to reach zones), but the mini is the most versatile.

In addition to the blasters, there are also electrical massagers available, and even spa treatments with professional massage that all aim at reducing the appearance of cellulite. 

The key to getting results with cellulite massage, regardless of device used, is to be just as consistent on a daily basis.  If you are dedicated to results, then make HIIT workouts, Intermittent Fasting, Supplementation and Cellulite Massage a part of your daily routine.

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